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WatchDog - Affordable Wireless Vehicle Management

GPS of Texas offers a truly integrated wireless vehicle management solution. Once installed, WatchDog collects and organizes detailed location-based information from a global positioning system. Maintenance and operation information are transmitted wirelessly to an information center where it is made available to the subscribers in the form of immediate e-mail alerts, scheduled automated reports, summary reports, or easy-to-read web pages.

How GPS Tracking Works

How It Works

Wireless Coverage – AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers

We utilize multiple nationwide networks which provide excellent coverage throughout both urban and rural areas in the United States and Canada. Should the unit go outside the coverage area, the unit will automatically store the data. Once the vehicle re-enters the network, the unit will automatically transmit the stored data.

WatchDog Components

WatchDog consists of two components: 1) in-vehicle hardware and 2) a web-based application.

In-Vehicle Hardware

WatchDog's products are designed by highly specialized engineers with decades of industry experience. All of WatchDog's products are manufactured or assembled in the United States. WatchDog offers a wide variety of products to ensure that all of your tracking needs are met.

Fleet Tracking

WatchDog's fleet tracking products provide the most efficient solution for tracking and managing your fleet, regardless of size. Some product features include remote door unlock, starter disable, and more, helping to reduce fuel costs, increase productivity, improve driver safety, reduce labor costs/overtime, improve response time, increase fleet security/theft protection and lower insurance premium.

WatchDog Hardware Warranty

We guarantee that, for a period of one (1) year following the date a rate plan is assigned, the equipment will not have defects in material and workmanship and during the term, licensed matter will be able to perform the data processing functions described. Two (2) and three (3) year warranties are available at an additional cost.