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WatchDog Trackers vs. Onstar

And the Winner Is...

Our GPS tracking system blows away the competition. Take a look at the table below to see just how many features the WatchDog system has compared to its competitors.




Availability All Equipment, vehicles, boats and light trucks ONLY on factory installed GM vehicles
Police report NOT required to locate your vehicle yes no
Unlock doors INDEPENDENTLY (electrical locks) yes no
Electronic fence yes no
Web access yes no
Message notification by telephone yes no
USA/Canada coverage yes yes
Mexico coverage yes no
Locate vehicle at will yes no
Disable/enable starter yes no
Remote start capable yes no
Battery level notification yes no
Battery backup system yes no
Transferable system to another vehicle yes no
Fastest speed of the day report yes no
Continuous location reporting yes no
Speeding notification yes no
System operates without vehicle battery yes no
System active after 48 hour ignition off yes no

And The Winner Is... WatchDog!

The WatchDog Tracking System clearly has the edge when it comes to its competitors. To see how this amazing GPS tracking system works in real time, call us to set up a live demonstration.

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Watchdog Tracking Devices

The X-5 Co-Pilot

The most advanced GPS tracking device on the market.

  • Full NAV functionality (and beyond)
  • Turn-by-turn directions in 6 voices
  • 2D and 3D map modes
  • Day/Night modes
  • Truly LIVE 10-second tracking from the website
  • Unlimited instant messaging to and from driver
  • Set destinations from the website
  • Touchscreen feature allows quick access while driving.

The VT-X5

Our hard-wired VT-X5 device is the fastest in the industry - without exception.

  • Truly LIVE tracking: 5- or 10-second updates
  • Lock/Unlock doors
  • Enable/Disable Starter
  • Remote-start the vehicle
  • 4 inputs / 4 outputs
  • Ideal for commercial/industrial use!

The PT-X5

Our battery-operated PT-X5 is the preferred choice of Private Investigators everywhere!

  • Fastest update of any portable device on the planet!
  • Updates every 20 feet if speed lower than 10mph
  • Updates every 10 seconds if speed greater than 10mph
  • Built in motion sensor extends battery life
  • Incredible antenna sensitivity - even works in trunk!
  • 10 to 18 hours of actual movement on a single charge
  • Optional extended battery gives up to 80 hours of movement!
  • Conceals easily under a seat, in a purse, etc.